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Park Regency Realty was founded in 1977 by Joe Alexander, currently the company's President. The company has been operating in the San Fernando Valley since its inception and has been based in Granada Hills for the past 38 years.The core management team is composed of Patrick Pace, Vice President for Finance & Systems, Kenneth Engeron, Vice President for Marketing, and Joe himself. Each has specific areas of expertise and together, over the last 44 years, they have built a solid company grounded by the principles of teamwork and the primacy of the customer.

When Joe Alexander founded Park Regency, his goal was to create a real estate company that stood out from the rest. He felt that if you make a total commitment to service and merchandise property in the most thorough, professional, and ethical manner possible, then word would get around and his company would prosper..

Today Park Regency Realty has grown to be one of the top 15 real estate companies in the Los Angeles county, with more than 190 full time agents and growing.


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